Corporate lack of Compassion

Tula (a skincare brand) has officially pissed me off. I ordered 4 days ago and today, I receive an email (with no apology) that they are out of stock and just canceled my entire order including the free gift they were giving out. They did nothing to rectify. They just canceled it and did not even apologize.

This company has a tremendous opportunity for growth, but if they continue to treat their customers like shit, Elemis will destroy them.

Man, I am pissed. I hate companies who are not proactive. Like your brand is hot AF right now, plan you dipshits.

Meaning of Mistakes

People make mistakes. I have made plenty and am far from perfect. When people become vile when you make a mistake, you then know they have many life lessons to learn.

Respect people. Be kind and understanding. People fuck up. It is life. No need to get all twisted over something so trivial. If something minor is a huge problem for you, you are truly fortunate.

May you find a level of understanding and respect for mankind. “You get more bees with honey.”

The Divided States

I am not political because our government is a hot ass mess. However, when you mess with one of my close friends and her family, I get loud. #thedividedstates 

See Message-
Brothers and Sisters,

 In the next 24 hours, there are going to be two votes in the United States Senate. If passed, either bill being voted on would open the government. The 18 senators below are critical to passing this important legislation.  


 ANYONE can make these calls and post to social media. You do NOT need to be a constituent!

 We need every NATCA member to CALL the senators listed below and POST on their social media using the scripts and information below.

These calls and social media posts are critical and only take a few minutes. Tell the Senator to vote YES on opening the government!

This is NOT the time to sit on the sidelines. We need EVERY NATCA member, family member, friend, and neighbor making these calls. Together, with ONE LOUD, COLLECTIVE VOICE, we will end this shutdown!

 In Solidarity,

 Paul Rinaldi

Trish Gilbert


"I am an (air traffic controller/aviation safety professional/concerned citizen). Each day the shutdown continues, aviation safety is further compromised. The Senator MUST vote YES on opening up the government!"

 SOCIAL MEDIA POST (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)   

"Each day the shutdown continues, aviation safety is further comprised. The Senator MUST vote YES on opening up the government!"  #Endtheshutdown #NATCA


Senator Murkowski - Alaska

Phone Number - (202) 224-6665

Facebook - @SenLisaMurkowski

Twitter - @lisamurkowski

Instagram - @senlisamurkowski

Senator McSally - ArizonaPhone Number - (202) 224-2235Facebook - @MarthaMcSallyTwitter - @SenMcSallyAZInstagram - @teammcsally
Senator Gardner - Colorado
Phone Number - (202) 224-5941Facebook - @SenCoryGardnerTwitter - @SenCoryGardnerInstagram - @sencorygardner
Senator Scott - Florida
Phone Number - (202) 224-5274Facebook - @scottforfloridaTwitter - @ScottforFloridaInstagram - @scottforflorida
Senator Isakson - Georgia
Phone Number - (202) 224-3643Facebook - @isaksonTwitter - @SenatorIsaksonInstagram - @senatorisakson
Senator Young - Indiana
Phone Number - (202) 224-5623Facebook - @SenatorToddYoungTwitter - @SenToddYoungInstagram - @sentoddyoung
Senator Ernst - Iowa
Phone Number - (202) 224-3254Facebook - @joniforiowaTwitter - @SenJoniErnstInstagram - @senjoniernst
Senator Roberts - Kansas
Phone Number - (202) 224-4774Facebook - @SenPatRobertsTwitter - @SenPatRobertsInstagram - @senpatroberts
Senator Cassidy - LouisianaPhone Number - (202) 224-5824Facebook - @billcassidyTwitter - @BillCassidyInstagram - @billcassidy
Senator Kennedy - LouisianaPhone Number - (202) 224-4623Facebook - @SenatorJohnKennedyTwitter - @SenJohnKennedyInstagram - @senjohnkennedy
Senator Collins - MainePhone Number - (202) 224-2523Facebook - @susancollinsTwitter - @SenatorCollinsInstagram - @sensusancollins
Senator Blunt - MissouriPhone Number - (202) 224-5721Facebook - @SenatorBluntTwitter - @RoyBluntInstagram - @royblunt
Senator Fischer - Nebraska

Phone Number - (202) 224-6551

Facebook - @senatordebfischer

Twitter - @SenatorFischer

Instagram - @senatorfischer

Senator Burr - North CarolinaPhone Number - (202) 224-3154Facebook - @SenatorRichardBurrTwitter - @SenatorBurrInstagram - @senatorburr
Senator Portman - OhioPhone Number - (202) 224-3353Facebook - @senrobportmanTwitter - @robportmanInstagram - @senrobportman
Senator Alexander - TennesseePhone Number - (202) 224-4944Facebook - @senatorlamaralexanderTwitter - @SenAlexanderInstagram - @senlamaralexander
Senator Romney - Utah

Phone Number - (202) 224-5251

Facebook - @Romney4Utah

Twitter - @MittRomney

Instagram - @mittromney
Senator Enzi - Wyoming
Phone Number - (202) 224-3424Facebook - @mikeenziTwitter - @SenatorEnziInstagram - @senatorenzi