eBay Epiphany

If eBay sends me one more email where they lay out my opportunities to sell more, I want to be forthcoming and tell them. It’s NOT ME, it’s you. These people watch things for 7 days, “Win” it for $1 and then take forever to pay.

Then for the price of $1, I have to take on the role of a seamstress-measuring chest and length and everything else. If I do not answer fast enough, they prod, and then question my measurements.

Also, for the price of a Slurpee, I am expected to be open just like 7-11.

I am off my meds thanks to Rite Aid and Shire, a pharmaceutical company. I am having awful side effects. This is inhumane. You hear about side effects of taking the medication, but never about not taking it. I am irritable and so tired I may slip into a coma. They make you dependent on it then deny it due to insurance shit.

Real Reporters

I have had reporters reach out to me and their email address is the publication they work for. Tonight, someone on Facebook commented for me to email a gmail address.

No web presence AT ALL.

NO legitimate affiliation with any broadcasting outlet. Vague Facebook and when I responded asking if they could supply anti-psychotics when I told a traumatic story, the name did not come up in bold.

Just because you say you are a reporter on Facebook and LinkedIn does not make you one. If you are trying to become one, be honest. I write and there is no way the content would be written by anyone but myself. It is a great story for me to tell in a book I write. Actually it is already written.

Oddly enough, I sold a toaster on eBay today…..

Time to Turn it Up

I am going to post an interaction between myself and a jackass. If I had to profile them, definitely an American male. Late 30s to early 40s. Control issues. Unhappy in his life. Sits at a desk for his job. Probably has a dad bod.

Europeans are not as ignorant as American men.

My point is:


That poor attempt to demean people signifies issues they have within themselves. Be grateful you aren’t in their life and obligated to such people.

Think twice. Is this a warning? Is big bad Amazon coming for me? The CEO is getting divorced which is good so he can focus on running his business properly.

I think he should think twice and worry about his own life instead of being all up in my shit.

I think he should think twice and worry about his own life instead of being all up in my shit.

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