Something to Say

I cannot find a “real job.” With that being said, I would like the world to know that if a man is married or has a girlfriend, I am the Jessica Simpson to his John Mayer. Time to turn into a cougar.

Also, men GOSSIP just as much as women.


No Matter your Age

You can always wear barrettes.

Tired of Typing

I have grown tired of typing. Does anyone talk anymore verbally? With that being said, I have to think about if I want to type something out.

I am sick of silence. I find looking at words lackluster. I prefer verbal communication with voices. Is that too much to ask for?

I am typing this post because I paid $500.80 this week to keep this website going. My life savings are almost gone along with many of my possessions. I have this website though, My risks have not been rewarded by any means.

I listen to Kelly Howell and am doing meditation involving achieving success and wealth. Wealth I do not care about, I just need a steady financial stream to survive.

Today I woke up and went through my mail, I had a $3.36 check from a Class Action involving my mortgage company. I also do undercover monetization on this website and earned $8.89. I am attracting wealth. I just wish some 0’s were added to those numbers.

A Brand worth Buying

This brand, Elemis, I adore. SkincareBeatlemania has hit the United States. B-Beauty is where It is at. (They are a British company hence B-Beauty.) Start with the Superfood Green Cleanser-both dudes and dudettes. The smell is refreshing, the texture is gentle, and the results are soft and supple skin. I love this brand and I believe in this brand. I love what they are doing and they are a force and are taking this country by storm. I also am not getting paid for this post and this is my personal opinion. I am just sharing something that I love and makes me feel good.

Here is a coupon code.


Please Pray

I am going through health shit, but I don’t want prayers for that.

I contacted a CEO and I want this leader to hire me. The tax credits would be worth it. I am impatient. Pray for me, this CEO thinks outside of the box and will take a chance on a crazy, but brilliant bitch.

I sell. I can give the company the most direct insight.

The companies’ top sellers do not match mine. Also I know what other brands people are into. I can get this broken down by global geography, age, and socioeconomic status. I also know strengths and weaknesses of the competition. I reached out to only one company. The heaviest hitter. The one I would stand behind. Shit, the one where most of my money is going.

Selling Success

  1. Never use stock photos. That throws shade. Get off your lazy ass and take a picture.

  2. Always have a profile picture in color and one that is not filtered or overdone with makeup.

  3. Never charge over retail.

  4. Always have proof of purchase from a viable retail stream, not another seller. You lose all street cred-duh.

  5. When you buy from viable channels, you develop relationships and that is the name of the game.

  6. Set limitations on your buyers.

  7. Let them know they are not always right. If you lose them, there is a whole world out there.

  8. Never make exceptions. Never.

  9. You do not need to kiss anyone’s ass. Your work will speak for itself.

  10. Always be honest and confident.

Music instead of My Mind

You do not know want to read my thoughts. They are being handwritten and kept private. People are reading my book. Unfortunately, it is too late. It is all getting packed up and shipped off. This website expires in 5 days.

Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves Shattered (Acoustic) · O.A.R. Rain Or Shine Released on: 2010-01-12 Auto-generated by YouTube.

To Those

If you have been seeking me out (the handful), I am fine. Thank you. I am easy to find, but have opted to keep to myself. You never forget those (the few that care). Remember a phoenix can rise from the ashes. I will remember the good and not-so-good people. I choose who is in my life and will remain in my life. “Friends” and “Family” included. Call me cold, but the damage has been done and you cannot let go of something and expect to always get it back-generally speaking.

I am people-watching virtually. I can tell you human beings are primitive in behaviors-almost to a point where they are predictable. I can also state that humans operate themselves as enterprises. Find your values and never deviate from them. Trust your intuition. Also, always keep working and learning.

Life is a cycle of wins and losses. You lose some people along the way and gain one person worth several people. I never lost myself and that is the most important person to me. It is not selfishness. It is self-preservation. Stay true to yourself and you will be successful. Like successful companies, never deviate from who you are. Do not fear change, embrace it. I am strong, fearless, and somehow; am surviving.

Also, age is truly just a number. Never let that change who you are and how you act. Just take care of yourself. Everything you do is a choice. Every choice has a result. Reflect before you act. Every action has a reaction. I do not take back anything I’ve said or done. I have no regrets because why stress over decisions I made?

Closed mouths do not get fed.”

Corporate lack of Compassion

Tula (a skincare brand) has officially pissed me off. I ordered 4 days ago and today, I receive an email (with no apology) that they are out of stock and just canceled my entire order including the free gift they were giving out. They did nothing to rectify. They just canceled it and did not even apologize.

This company has a tremendous opportunity for growth, but if they continue to treat their customers like shit, Elemis will destroy them.

Man, I am pissed. I hate companies who are not proactive. Like your brand is hot AF right now, plan you dipshits.

Overtly Obsessed

The time has come where I need to start blocking IPs. Who would have thought at almost 40 years old, I’d have women obsessed with me?

FYI-it took me only 8 hours over the summer to integrate e-commerce on this website as I wrote books. Definitely not an easy task. That’s why the basic use Shopify. Also, I have my SS4/EIN and a business checking account. All I do is hit enable. Also this country is not enough for me. I prefer global.

Every action has a reaction.” The difference between a strategist and a game-player is that strategists take some time to think. The wheels in this mind are turning.

For women to claim they are successful and have all of these important obligations, you sure waste way too much time trolling on my turf. Go out and find your purpose. I am not your avenue for that. Come into your own, find yourself, and decide what path you want to go down.