I was just dreamily reading F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes for 40 minutes. I just calmly came off of my cloud; enchanted and curious as to why I never read his work. Just his quotes alone stirred me. Wow, I think every female deserves an F. Scott Fitzgerald. I am buzzing from the beauty of his words. I know why I never read him. I am laughing, but am definitely going to start now and get swept off my feet as if I am living the literature. I want to get lost in an actual book, not stare at a screen, lay down, relax, and read.  

That is why communication goes off course and relationships derail. Communication is 93% non-verbal and 7% verbal. Now wonder why things get lost in translation because authentic face to face conversations are almost virtually extinct. Even a phone call would be better because tone can at least be distinguished. It makes me now want to practice not carrying my phone on me. I now feel violated because so many disasters occurred because of mis-led minds taking typed words through the tunnels of the mind.  

Take me back to the "Lost Generation" on "This Side of Paradise". When life is simple, it sure is easier. I am going to make this a practice in my life.