Love in Retrospect

In the days where there were no cell phones, how did people know that they were loved? They didn't get phone calls, text messages, or emails at any random point in time. No affirmations, confirmations, or typed flirtations existed so readily back then.  

My answer: they were much more self-aware back then and they just knew.

Somewhere out there, someone does hold good intentions for you. It can be a parent, sibling, spouse, child, friend, or anyone, but there are people out there who you mean something to, and they want the best for you with no ulterior motives.Hold that with you. Do not get upset when they do not pick up the phone, answer a text, or an email because it just exacerbates into this balled up bundle of tension and knocks you out cold.  

Just know that there is a calm out there. It is a breezeway in life that many people do not step into; and; pause, inhale, and slowly take in the calm breeze. Everyone has felt this at one point in life, but you can actually stay there and relax against the wall, close your eyes, and smile.