Dedication, Inspiration, and Motivation

This website is dedicated to everyone out there who wants to make a radical change in their life.

I hope to be your inspiration in some simple shred.

It is my utmost motivation to prove that you can be who you want to be. Just because you are an adult doesn't mean you can no longer have dreams. You can pursue your passion at any age and I will be proof of this.

If you have ever felt that feeling deep down inside that you had a more powerful purpose than what you are doing in your life, then you do.

If you sense that you always thought you were destined to do greater things, there is still time.  

Today, I reached an accomplishment that proves that my intuition was correct. I always had feeling of what my destiny should be. It was always buried deep down inside of me because everyone said, "that will never happen" or "dream on" when I was younger.  I never stopped it, I just hid it, but always held onto it.

As I approach my 71st hour of publication on LinkedIn, a great article is defined to have 1,000 views in 72 hours. I am 71 hours in and have 1,635 views. There it is. The proof that you need to foster that fierce feeling inside and be the force you were born to be.