why I write

I write for: Inspiration, Impact, Intent, and Importance.

In 6 days, I have done all four and I am so proud of everyone for giving me a chance, taking a look, reading, and for the positive feedback! I cannot thank you all enough! I also am proud of myself for having the strength to finally show my writing to the world and not have it hide in the attic.

In researching my analytics, I find it very powerful and having a global impact is more than I could have ever imagined! This has been the best investment because giving what I can to society is truly fulfilling.

I am pretty impressed that I only have 19 more states to reach and I have been read in 9 countries. 2 hours ago, I had 709 views in 144 hours, which equals to approximately 118 hits/day.

On LinkedIn, my article from 5/21/18 has had 360 readers only being up for 36 hours. That is 10 readers/hour. My LinkedIn viewers have increased 360% over one week.  

You can direct your dreams, promote your purpose, and be heard! Never tuck away your natural talents, accentuate them!