Walmart's Wonder

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When a company has a simple mission statement along with a virtual vision, and great leadership,  they are a force of nature. Whether you are with them or without them, Walmart has well earned my respect as a customer. They are a company cognizant that "change is constant". Their adaptability and strive for success has made them a scapegoat.

They are often blamed for brick and mortars falling from grace. Yet, what the company does is simple. They are implementing innovative initiatives. They have great relationships with manufacturers to be able offer the lowest prices. They care about their customers. Most importantly; their mission statement has remained the same since they have been founded. They have changed the wording over time, but have remained steadfast in their values.

Their innovations impress me. My favorite feature is Grocery pickup. They even offer coupons and you can get more coupons through referrals. $10 off of $50, on top of the lowest prices is huge! The app tracks you and when you pull in, you pop open the trunk, sign for it, and receive great customer service despite not entering the store. They do not accept tips, they instead state "there is a survey in my email to provide feedback". The survey rating is their tip. Sometimes, their name badges are flipped over because I tend to always pick up on the days where there is crazy wind and rain, but I ask their name and always give them recognition. Four of the employees know me and I actually feel connected to them despite never entering the store. If you are interested in this, click on the contact box and send a message with your email and I will send you the referral link so we both can save!

Their website was recently redesigned and is now more aesthetic. They store all of my order history due to my use of their website and two apps. They then feature my most purchased items  on the top. I get to reorder in one click, if I need more than one, it is two clicks. They even look to save their online shoppers time. They have changed to free 2-day shipping for orders $35 or over and refunded customers when they decided to abandon the Shipping Pass program. If you plan ahead, they offer No-Rush Shipping where they take some money off of your order. Their online customer service is one of the best that I have encountered. They have outside vendors selling on their website, which I have not had great experiences with the quality of product, but Walmart rose to the occasion and rectified everything! Always look to see where the product is coming from and read the reviews if it isn't from Walmart directly.

Their stores have a fresh new look and are beautiful now.  Their merchandising is admirable and eye-catching.  They have cut down many stores on being open 24/7.  The app actually lets you make a list and the list generates the aisle numbers where to find your product.  In and out in under 10 minutes flat  There is also a hidden gem that I never have seen advertised, it is a word of mouth promotion.  The Savings Catcher.  Discover it if you shop in the physical store.  I heard about it through a friend and no one I have encountered knows about it.  Brilliant and innovating, yet going back to basic word of mouth promotion.  

I have to admit, I think Walmart's reputation was hurt because of their clientele.  I think we are all guilty of using the words "People of Walmart" and have at least seen pictures from the notorious website.  I honestly refused to shop there because of the customers, some filled with impatience and crass.  Still to this day, I go at 6:00am because no one is there.  The self checkout is fast and easy.  I prefer online and Grocery because I feel I receive better customer service.  By cutting the  hours of being open 24/7 , they have cut back on the theatrics of late night shenanigans.  As a teen and in my 20's, Walmart was the place to go late night and in the middle of the night.  We didn't buy anything, we were having fun.  As an adult, I see we were causing their employees more work.  

Finally, their mission statement has never wavered.  That is critical in long term success.  You can't change your catch-phrase or slogan drastically or change it more than once a year.  This indicates you are confused and really have no clear vision.  "We save people money so they can live better."  Personally, they need to add time to this because they save people money and time in 2018 and have had a positive impact in my life and I am honestly living better.  They give me free time so I have no issues taking their customer engagement surveys because they help me.  The surveys indicate to me that they care about the customer and their opinion.  We save people "money and time" or "time and money" it should say at least for the website and Grocery pickup.  

They take change and they conquer it.  I have so much admiration for them and applied to work for them, but they responded that I am not qualified.  I don't think Arkansas would suit me anyways.  I still am an avid supporter of them despite being raised to not be.  My father was a union electrician and when they hit the Mid-Atlantic, they did not hire union electricians so we couldn't shop there.  We could also only drive American cars.  Unfortunately, he passed away, so after my American cars kept having issues, in my 20's, I switched to Japanese cars.  I also started shopping at Walmart when I was in college, but stopped for a few years because of the store atmosphere.  However, I am now a huge advocate and if alive, he would see their values today and would embrace the company.  I come from a blue collar family where values mean everything and Walmart has never once deviated from their values, they simply adapt to their modern-day surroundings.  

Oh and if you want to save $ and save me $, try the grocery pickup and let me know what you think of it.