Personality Provided-Wingfinder Assessment

This is from Red Bull's Wingfinder free assessment. I emailed them saying they need to hire me and they sent this back. I took it and they replied that they would try to match me up with something . I bombed the spacial recognition portion with patterns and stuff. I have never been strong suited for that numerical stuff and I know it 

I also disagree because they make it sound like I am this chatty Cathy, but, really I can be an extrovert or an introvert. It depends on what I am set out to do. I honestly can say this factor is incorrect.  

But this is interesting and free so you can always take it at : if you are looking to change up your career a little bit, this will point you in the right direction.

Have fun!




Being Sociable is a strength that helps Melissa build new relationships and maintain existing ones. Chances are she is happy in outward-facing roles which require a high level of interaction, and has built up a good network of contacts. Melissa is Innovative which means she is able to generate original ideas and apply them in useful ways. She is able to think differently and take the lead on how things should be done. Melissa is Supportive which means she has a strong desire to help and advance others. This is a great strength to have as it enables her to connect with those she is working with and work for the good of the team. Openness to Experience is a strength that helps Melissa appreciate novelty, diversity and innovation. It enables her to navigate complex and changing environments which helps Melissa adapt quickly to modern organisations.


Melissa's Creativity score measures how original and innovative her thinking is, or how logical and analytical it is. She is open-minded, enjoys novelty and change, and is often coming up with new and interesting ideas.

Thinking measures how abstractly or concretely Melissa prefers to think when solving problems. She prefers to be hands on and get stuck in. Melissa enjoys finding intuitive solutions to practical problems and believes learning comes from experience, not text-books. She applies her common-sense approach to even complex situations.

Melissa's Drive score measures her level of ambition. She is confident and always aims to do her very best work, but she doesn't see the people around her as rivals. So while Melissa enjoys being praised for her achievements, she is equally happy to see others being recognised for theirs.

The Connections score measures how Melissa manages relationships and how well she works independently. Melissa enjoys being at a stage in her career where she is helping other people, establishing connections and growing a network.




Meeting people comes naturally to Melissa. She is happy to be the centre of attention, even talking to groups of strangers. She succeeds through:

. her sociability
. building networks and relationships
. her enthusiasm

Melissa stands out for her original thinking. She prefers to avoid the obvious route when it comes to problem solving. She succeeds through:

. seeing things differently
. coming up with lots of original ideas
. finding new solutions

Melissa is good at thinking about other people before herself. She appreciates the support and ideas they can offer. She succeeds through:

. her selflessness and desire to help others
. her openness to other opinions . her focus on the group

Melissa enjoys daydreaming and thinks originally. Open-minded and comfortable with change, she adapts well to new situations. She succeeds through:

. her intuition
. her flexibility
. her sense of aesthetics






Thrive on meeting new people Enjoy coming up with innovative solutions Are naturally supportive of colleagues Leap enthusiastically into the unknown

May prefer not to work alone
Can feel constrained by too much routine Can be too influenced by others' needs Shy away from repetitive tasks