Power Pose

I would always be mindful of how I stood and tried to consciously change it. I couldn't. If I was at work and talking to the staff, I would have my legs spread a little bit and always have my hands on my hips giving space. I kept thinking that I need to change the stance because it is probably projecting poor non-verbal communication. This body language is probably unacceptable. I need to research it and work to fix it. I never had time and pushed it to the back of my mind. As I was taking a course on LinkedIn Learning, one of the first ones I was drawn to was body language.

I thought, "ok, I can find out what the stance means and how to actively correct it." Then, after watching one course, I learned that it is actually a power pose. Standing with my feet spread apart is a non-verbal communication of leadership presence. Westside Toastmasters also refers to the hands on the hips as a readiness gesture. The person is ready for assertive action.  

In my previous position, change and chaos were consistent. We always had to be ready for the unexpected. I had to deal with every personality type out there. I had to deal with mostly men so that is why I probably set my legs apart. I remember the one time, a sub-contractor kept walking past me and 15 minutes later, asked me, "Who is the person in charge?" I said, "Me, I know you were looking and expecting a man." Then he stumbled on his words and looked like an even bigger fool.  

So, I am not putting my power pose away. I will use my legs and my arms to clear the space around me and let them know, that I am ready and they can bring it on.