When I was getting ready to start interviews, I went through 17 years of my career and reflected. I wanted to know what my reputation was. I asked everyone and anyone I could get in touch with that worked with me or for me. Some of these people, I was tough on and I wanted their input the most. I was overwhelmed by the positive remarks and how I am viewed. Their views actually align with the views of myself.

Here is a list of my 360 Feedback Assessment Project


An incredible person full of drive and creativity
Well organized, a good planner, time effectiveness, clear communicator, motivated, clear understanding of what motivates others, a leader, and flexible.
Well organized, dependable, dedicated, great team skills, someone who treats the business as if it was their own. Driven, but acceptable to changes.
Focused, organized, strong follow up and follow through, people person, leans on staff strength and guides them to overcome weakness. Listens to what is being said and what is not being said, takes time to help each member of the team. Strong communication skills, hard worker, dedicated to the job, and does whatever is needed to be done.
Ambitious, likes to get to work and accomplish tasks, confident in her work and product, conscientious, aware of surroundings, others’ performance, and the workload. Easy-going, easy to get along with, able to deliver a strong message, hard-working, and dedicated.
You are super talented with your expression through written words among other things. I think you found your true calling. Keep it, people are paying attention, in a positive way.
Conscientious, hard working, persistent, detailed, and consistent.
Working for Melissa was one of the best parts of being on the merchandising team. She made sure completing a project was top priority, but also took care of the team to accomplish the goal. One of the best project managers I ever worked for.
Hard working, committed, agreeable, steady, and happy.
Dedicated, focused on completion of tasks, able to gather a team and follow ip on progress to complete job in timely fashion. Great communicator and attention to details.
Structured, detail-oriented, efficient with time management, pro-active, organized, knowledgeable, hard-working, adaptable, accurate, dependable, focused, motivated, thorough, and committed
Positive, hard-working, passionate, natural leader, willing to help when needed, reliable, dependable, cares about the work she does and makes it a point to recognize her coworkers and encourage them. She is a great asset to any team.
Excelled at managing, organizing, and delegating multiple projects at a time, especially time sensitive ones. Very accommodating to staff, managed employees with efficiency and flexibility. Allowed opportunities for internal growth. Mediator to conflicts resulting in diffusing the conflict positively.
Outgoing, dependable, determined, self-starter, adaptable, innovative, problem-solver.
Knows what she likes and how she likes it. Perfectionist in detail. Total people person. Willing to broaden her knowledge to move further along and stand above the rest.
She pushes people to their full potential to get the best out of them.
Intelligent, great organizer, and dependable.
Very detail-oriented, good with keeping the timeline on a project, and can manage large groups effectively.
Determined, dependable, hug attention to detail, great team-building, technology-savvy, loyal, and goal-oriented.
Hard working, team player, motivated, committed. productive, knowledgeable, honest, and creative.
Direct and to the point. Easy to work with.
Leader, teacher (yet teachable), confident, loyal, reliable, approachable, takes initiative, ambitious, and personable.
Dedicated, committed to completing the task, someone who works tirelessly to get the job done, fun to work with, a problem solver, knowledgeable, resourceful, strong leader, and delegator.
Self-disciplined, methodical, upbeat, and resourceful.
Always seemed confident with everything.
Results-driven leader with outstanding team building capabilities, a straight shooter, and her focus on detail is like nothing I have seen in my life.
Natural leader, self-motivated, self-directed, able to easily give and take direction, able to see the ‘big picture’ in situations and do what needs to be done. Very astute, extremely personable, strong work ethic, able to consider alternative paths to achieving desired results, and can think ‘outside the box’”
Conscientious, assiduous, diligent, steadfast, resilient, innovative, and a collaborator.
Smart, funny, charming, sweet, yet fierce.
Just professional in the way the job is approached on a daily basis. The thing that stands out the most is the way associates are spoken to. Associates are always acknowledged when they do a good job and they are made to feel good about themselves. Communication skills are great, gets the point across, very knowledgeable, and will point errors out in a way that people do not feel bad when given feedback.
Freaking amazing, an asset to any company or organization, she is the sh*t!
Focused, driven, hard-working, conscientious, methodical in completing tasks, organized, motivated, a solid team builder and operator.
Loyal, trustworthy, hard-working, and fun-loving.
Reliable, trustworthy, committed, has integrity and professionalism.
Insightful leader, delivers outside the box ideas, and provides a wonderful work environment. Productivity is amplified when she’s in charge and her competency in the business world makes her vital to any team.
Leadership with knowledge and compassion, teaches with such kindness, has strength, and inspires me.
Detail-oriented, high energy, results-driven professional know that knows how to deal with f*****g a******s!
Always positive, treats everyone extremely well and is a hands-on corporate ‘Beacon of Light’. Her attention to detail as well as follow up is second to none. Always excellent to work for and with, she inspires her people to excel beyond expectations as we try to keep up with her great work ethic.
An asset to any corporation, great team player that one feels always a part of something no matter the size of the task at hand. Funny and charming also and ‘that light up the room smile’ is to die for.