Replace your self-doubt with self-belief and you will see evidence.  

For me, I had the belief and I implemented it. I had the inspiration. I had the determination.

I did it.

72 hours:  2,024 views.  

Thank you to everyone. Imagine what I can do with a great company or organization behind me.  This was just me and my "six degrees of separation." 11 countries and 35 states all in 72 hours. I have had so many people reach out, I have made many new connections, and I have had my visibility increased.

I have had one naysayer tell me that I will never get interviewed again. I smiled because I have been on several interviews and I would rather risk my reputation than an entire organization's.  There are many employees affected. Their livelihood and happiness matter more than my reputation. I only drew attention to one company. A troubled one. This was a call to action. I wish them well.