Chaos Conquered

So, even the most positive people have instances where they get hit with a cluster of chaos. I can best describe it as standing alone in an alley feeling calm and happy. Out of nowhere, you are unexpectedly attacked by assailants. The assailants are circumstances and instead of bruises, broken bones, or blood, you are knocked out by negativity.

Today, this happened. A fireball of fate forcing my mood into having a frown that needed to be turned upside down  I had an issue at home due to the heat and had to reach out to a former high school classmate to help me. He helped me right away. I am so grateful because the last time we had spoken was the last time, I had a similar emergency. I apologized that I didn't go through the proper chains of problem resolution and went right to the top. He was so helpful and is a true leader and even though he is in a position to not have to help me, he did. Humanity won today! I offered sending him a gift card and he said, "alumni help other alumni out". Thank you so much and that is why I have been a customer for 13 years and speak so highly of the company!  

He pays it forward and I hope one day, I can do the same for him. So many times, people do not ask for help because they feel like it is not a good quality to have or they don't like when people do it to them. I do not adopt that mentality, I had an emergency and immediately thought of him to solve it quickly. I can't thank him enough.  

At the same time, I had someone asking to come over and use the pool. It is someone I no longer can have in my life because our values do not align. I feel discomfort and my property can no longer being the city's public inground pool. I, the owner, do not only exist from May-September. I exist the rest of the year too. It took a lot of energy out of me and other days were posed, but I simply stated, I am too busy now.  

Add to this concoction of chaos: getting 1 rejection email for the job I was very excited about and had statistical proof that I had the audience.  

Instead of crying and being frustrated, I stared at my refrigerator and told myself, "no, you will not break down over these minor things". I then laid down and cranked John Spa Williams "Positive People Sleep Remedies Meditation Techniques Spiritual Healing Music". Phew, say that 100 times! Apple Music is amazing. I sprayed aromatherapy spray on the pillow, took deep breaths, and napped.  

I used to always love first waking up in the morning because I used to forget about everything bad. That would only last a few seconds and then stress would set in. Now, I wake up every day with a positive frame of mind and it's been lasting, but sometimes if I feel that negative forces are drawing me in, I need a time out. The phone goes on do not disturb and on silent and I shift my focus to positive thinking.

I woke up and will have technicians here tomorrow morning to assist me, I had a very nice email written to me, and I asked 2 friends to come over and go swimming because I needed some leisure time with laughs. Just seeing their happiness made me feel better immediately. These are two strong people who both deserve happiness and I am glad they found each other. I admire them both. It is comforting to know that when two forces of nature get together, they are actually the calm before the storm. Yet, there is no storm, there is only calm. I needed to see that calm today. I needed the confirmation that there is good in the world.