a Child's Chance

Last night, I was on Facebook doing a quick scroll. I limit my time on there because I am guilty of getting too focused on my feed. I was fortunate enough to come across a post from a friend asking if anyone could proofread a letter regarding her son. Being that I just endlessly edited 267 pages of my book, I commented. I offered my help. It was very well written and I did minor revisions. I admit, I bawled throughout the entire letter. The strength, love, and beauty she has is truly remarkable. 

It took me awhile to proof it, due to my emotions. In seeing what she is going through. I hope, in some small way, I helped. I hope that her gorgeous son gets the care he needs. I hope her and her family get a little bit of peace. Her mother is a great woman as well and to be able to help this family in any way meant the world to me. Their strength is something I admire and respect. 

We do not see others' struggles. If we can pay it forward with a positive purpose for another person, it pays dividends. Paying it forward has nothing to do with money or buying someone a coffee. Paying it forward is utilizing your passion in a purposeful manner to help others. A simple share or like helps as well. Humanity wins on this one.