APA Abandonment

I have to break what is now a "bad habit". The APA style that I learned in school is now defunct. I had it drilled and driven into my brain from teachers and professors. I always thought it was the only style. MLA was never prominent. Now, as I look back at the articles published, I am antiquated. Two spaces after a period no longer aligns with written web content. I cringe as I see sentences not seamlessly lining up. The perfectionist in me is now panicked because I look like I can't type. 

I apologize if it bothers you as well. I will work to have my web wording right. I can condition and train my brain. I am definitely portraying an "indie author" image. Please be patient with me.

My 3rd grade teacher used to have a practice of making you fill a composition book of bad behavior. I now feel compelled to write over and over again; "I will not put two spaces after a period. I will not put two spaces after a period. i will not put two spaces after a period." It may seem like an imprisoning practice, but it proved to work. I had her again in 6th grade and would always get in trouble then too. I legitimately feel old and outdated now.