Book 2 Begins

First, I want to thank my beautiful aesthetician for keeping my skin on point and becoming a great friend. As she recovers next week from a surgery, she will be reading the book. She knows a lot about me so nothing should shock her. 

I also want to thank my CHS Alumni, one being a creator of cult shakes and a pillar of health and beauty. Another being someone who sat at my lunch table, was really good at sports, and is home on maternity leave and bought the book..

Thank you everyone. I think it is great that we have a book club and get to connect. I am guilty of skipping both of my reunions. It is the non-conformist in me. Nothing against anyone.

I started the 2nd book. It was somewhat done. The manuscript was even printed. Out of respect, privacy, and patience, I had to hold off. Now, there is a green light. I have to gut the entire thing and focus on my audience's needs. I also have to focus on Me. They are my memoirs

It's been 10 days in and I am doing a great deal of publicity already so I have to take all of my free time and work on earning a paycheck so to speak.

Thank you everyone. Your support and openness amazes me. You are all proof that the world can be kind!