Book Blog

I may have to create another page for the 2nd book of Memoirs to have a special spot here on this site. The other website is a deserted ghost town, but it’s my ghost town where I can go all Wild West.

I have found someone to embark on my next journey with me and we have started. We have 273 pages of 8x11 sized paged content. Oops. I write too much. As my silent support system gets ready to know it all, I started digging for the poems from 2002-2003. I thought I maybe threw them away. No. I never would throw anything I’d write away. I would hide it.

Sure enough, across from me with all of these office supplies in a cabinet, Eureka. I found it. Undated, but I know it’s it. I am typing it up because maybe it will fit somewhere. You wonder if only I showed these to someone earlier, would my life have been different? I wasn’t brave back then, Now with my heart sunken, I get to revisit this. I will write books as much as I can just to get myself out there more. Something has to give. I believe in this more than anything I have ever believed in.

I am grateful for my support system. Once we get through this, then we go into various years. I know I can get all the publishing done on my own. I am so fortunate to have true people willing to help with the content. It is going to be pretty tough typing this out, but I have to move past my pain.