Canva Credit

I just went through this entire website and linked Canva to every aspect of this site. I just tried to print resumes and business cards for a career fair. They wouldn’t print and now I am nervous. I had to read the terms of agreement and I hope I am abiding by their terms. I know what it is like to have your intellectual property infringed upon. I added them to some banners and in the footer.

They have changed my world and I don’t have to write all the time. I can do visual design with words. I try to make my designs unique and do not mimic their designs because I tend to do my own thing. I have my go-to fonts and colors. I hope everyone knows that I use Canva to design all of these things. PS is too confusing and too expensive.

I do not know why I am freaking out. I guess because I want to make sure everyone is aware that they are the force and are responsible for making the magic happen. It is in my artistic set of values I suppose to again give them credit outright.

I also am nervous because when I downloaded the proofs for approval (which they look awesome), it directed me to amazonaws which was connected to my incident. Boardman, OR better not return. Time to go deep dive with Google to make sure I am clear.