Canva in this Country

Dear Canva,

I do not know if you have any U.S. employees. I asked if you were hiring when the company emailed me because Canva noticed me. I want to work for you and support you in the United States. I suppose it is called a Brand Ambassador. Adobe PS is too expensive. I am unemployed so chose the free trial with Canva. I can't stop now. You are a fraction of the cost of PS. There is so much of a market here in this country for your services.. The importance of visuals is vital. Yet, people struggle with it. You make it possible to design dreams. 

I will tell you I am a hiring dream. WOTC because I will be unemployed officially for 6 months on September 10, 2018. That gets you a nice tax credit. Also, I am ADA because I obviously am creative (therefore, covered under crazy). I have been looking for employment for 6 months and after 600 applications, no one will hire me, not even to freelance. I stayed with my last company for 15 years and that sends a message I am against change. I am like a chameleon though. No one will take a chance on me. I don't mean to sound desperate, but I am creative, ambitious, loyal, a leader, and extremely hard-working. I want to work for a company I believe in. I not only can write, but I can do web design, and obviously things with Canva.

I know I am taking a chance sending you a message, but I do not know what more I can do to get a company to even consider me.


Melissa Ann Meade