Awaiting an Announcement

Tomorrow, I am hoping to be able to announce something that we finished tonight.

Remember when people leave your life, there are others that will take you in. Despite having the least engaging audience in the world, I love you all. I thank everyone who has dared to go back in time with me and I am overwhelmed by the responses to the poetry. That was a decision I did not make. I have someone pushing me and supporting me for free. Imagine that.

I am so fortunate for my audience and despite feeling like I am Charlie Chaplin most days, I know you are there and this week, you came in droves. Much love to the United, yet Divided States, the U.K. as always, and Canada.

This journey has just begun. If you liked the poetry you read, just wait. You are getting the V8 super-charged content soon. I cannot wait!

Remember, I work endlessly and a lot of things I have been working on haven’t even been uttered yet. I guess I still am good at keeping secrets.

This week, I am so thankful to my audience. I am so fortunate that I was allowed to express my gratitude by running the books for free. I claim to crank out content so I hope you can keep up. Announcement tomorrow.

Much love and I do mostly all of this on my own. I have friends editing and reading. I do all the graphics, strategizing, content, and if you reach out, I respond. I stop responding when you get creepy. I am a one-woman machine. If you anything designed, I will do that. I am maximizing myself out and am over-producing content. If you like what you read or see, have me drum up something for you.

Love Melissa

Forever Friend

I swear there is this friend I have who must sense when I am overwhelmed. We have known each other for maybe over ten years. Despite our arguments, tiffs, differences, and feedback, without this person, I would be lost.

That intuition is point on. Every time I feel defeated, I get a phone call. I don’t have to ask, beg, or even initiate contact. They just know when the weight of the world is too heavy for me. I’ve grown so accustomed to fighting on my own, I never reach out in a time of need. I should know out of everyone, this is the one person would make time for me. They always have even against all odds.

If I do get in touch, three weeks or months do not go by without any return contact. Not everyone is malicious and self-serving. I am very fortunate to have this friend in my life.

I never have to wonder why I was ghosted because they would never do such a thing. They have never made me feel weak or lesser of a person and force me to face things head on. By far, the compassion this person has is genuine. They do not envelope mixed signals in my brain and seal them only to take a letter opener to rip the envelope apart to shreds.

Why isn’t there more good in the world?

Truly Thankful

More thanks!

Thank you to the one Dutch I would trust in a hurricane for sharing and checking out my DE Amazon page. I am sorry the book is only offered in English. Maybe next one, you can write a Dutch version? They would like the book because their culture is very open-minded.

Thank you to the Midwesterner for posting a picture of it and tagging me. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to my Accountability Partner for ordering it. I wouldn't want any other accountability partner!

Thank you to my Aunt R who ordered it and wants my niece to throw a party. 

Thank you to a wonderful woman who said I will be a "world-famous author". You gave me a great laugh.

Thank you CA for finally giving me a review.

Thank you to the 2 Scotts who gave me great reviews. The one being a wicked writer so I am beyond grateful because I think your content crushes mine! 

Pivotal People

In life, one person's words can linger with you forever. Positively or negatively. This has always been tucked in my thoughts. Today, I am truly thankful because she bought the book. I remember the days of high school and knew she was open-minded and non-judgmental. Thank you so much. You don't know this, but I have never forgotten your influence since high school.

Thank you so much.

This is a post from earlier that I had to archive.

"In my life, I always felt that I was bigger than what I was. Something deep inside of me always said "you are bigger than this place and you are bigger than what you are doing." 

It resonated at one point in time when a girl I had gone to high school with, now a doctor, reached out. She would read my writing in class and we just understood each other. Years later, she asked what I was doing with my life. I felt embarrassed because she was a doctor and I told her I was in retail management. She responded, "wow, really? That is crazy. I always pictured you in NYC or Hollywood."  

I was flattered, but thought, maybe when I was younger and thinner. Obviously, I never acted on it. Now that I have had time to think, the feeling has not gone away. Her words still lingered in the air so I decided to act on it 8 days ago.  

I always felt comfort in cities. There is no judgment. It is energized, fast-paced, and lively during the day. At night, it is silent and the traces of people, all but disappear.  I always thought that NYC was deemed the "city that never sleeps", but it is one of the most peaceful places at night.

Judge and Jury

No matter who you are, where you are in your life, and what kind of mood you are in; be kind to everyone. 

Reply to a text even if you don't want to. Respond to a message or email at some point rather than ignore it. If they call and you don't answer, you don't have to. If they leave a voice mail, at least acknowledge them in some manner. Have respect even if it's a one word text.

Some people are heavy, trust me I know. Sometimes you need space, I know that too. We have our own weight to carry and cannot carry others. At least, acknowledge them and be kind. 

If you don't, I want you to keep something in mind. You will one day be your own judge and jury. That is something that I hope you are not alone for. Most people go through these events when they are in an accident, facing a grave illness, or lying on their death bed. That is too late. Practice kindness and gratitude each day. 

It is something that you can do alone, but you need to be strong. Are you strong enough? If you are alone when you become your judge and jury, I hope you are strong enough for it.  

Grateful and Gracious

Every night, I do a gratitude journal. Maybe 5-13 things of the whole day wrapped up into one list.  

I now have decided to start the gratitude journal in the morning because I wake up to great things. Since, I protect everyone's identity, but, mine, I wanted to thank a connection who reached out to me and gave me such kind words. There is nothing more empowering than waking up to that.  

Those are the beautiful things that move me to tears.  

It makes me think of who has inspired me on the journey and I reached out and thanked them. It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, or what your name is. At the end of the day, we are all human beings. The business leaders that are esteemed professors replied back with terrific notes. They are humble and that is why I admire them. People may be afraid to send a note because they are Ivy League educated. This state college graduate had no shame and wrote to them to say, "you changed my life for the better." That is why they are teachers. Communication is a two way street.  

A thank you and compliment make someone's day no matter who they are. That is our purpose to be a world united. If you can't respond or are too busy, you can set up an automated message or make the time.  

Significant Impact

Never did I know that launching a website last week and simply writing would have such a tremendous impact. I never imagined that I would launch me into "LinkedIn Cult Status" and have people reach out from all over with their stories, gratitude, and strength to speak. 

"LinkedIn Cult Status" is getting 1,000 hits on a post in 72 hours. I am at 1,606 in 46 hours. Not bad! Now I wait and write. I have been so busy with this that I haven't even had time to do things I need to do. Someone will find me and then I can move and put my new perspective in a new geographical territory. It is time for a change of scenery.  

For now, I will be a full-time advocate for corporate cultural change. I have had two requests to tell people's stories. One person informed me that they simply cannot sit and write, the other is a victim of workplace bullying. I have it outlined and get to piece it together. They get to choose a new identity as we change their name. It is fun temporarily to have a 2nd name. I have had a pseudonym for many years and it is still a secret. I have books published with not one sale. They will be seen when I'm ready.  

There's a story behind it and I'm working on greater stories now so that story will be told in time.  

I am so grateful for the gift of being released from my personal and professional prison. I am grateful for others being paroled from my life. I am grateful for all the positive feedback from near and far in many different fields and from the unexpected. Never did I imagine from my previous mindset that I would not receive one single criticism. Even one of my critical fans who has always been honest saying "you shouldn't have done this or that" actually told me I am the real deal.

I am glad I got to make some people see their true worth. It is fascinating that people do not see how beautiful they are inside and outside. Many people have no idea the power they have in their presence because people protect them from positivity. Many people do not want to build each other up. They decide to drag each other down. I can tell you that no one gains anything from that. It is sad that people are made to feel ashamed of who they really are. When you have to play a part, you know you are bigger than them, and you are destined for greater things if you can't put on an act. I hope everyone's dreams and wildest fantasies come true.  

To speak to some people this week and let them know how I view them felt rewarding. It was amazing for people to confide in me and I understand what they are going through. The power is in the people. It is in the form of gratitude, kindness, positivity, and respect. If everyone practiced kindness and gentility, wonder what this world would be like.