Social Media


Thankfully, no strange activity has been occurring. I know I have been quiet. I have been busy. A lot of things I am working on, no one really knows. I have been keeping to myself and am not working on any books (obviously).

I stepped away from social media because it only derives 1% of results. Why engage for 1%? I have to balance my time amongst more important arenas of life.

The only alarming thing due to being hacked, websites now think I am a hacker. I have gotten warnings from sites due to the extra security measures I need to take. I also have to go through 100 “I am not a robot” activities. Whoever it may be, they have been quiet since I put the gallery up of the behaviors and I am sure Apple having my computer has helped protect me.

Shedding Skin

If you find yourself no longer connected with me on social media, don't take it personally. Here I discuss my reasoning. Tell your "friends." Oh, I forgot to mention as part of 2018, getting my heart broken by a married dude too. You'll get acquainted with 'Subject Matter" in my next three books of poetry.

Deleted not Dead

Am I supposed to be butt hurt when I get deleted on Social Media? Not hurt, however, curious as to why a hair across someone’s a** has them zero me out. Be an adult, have a conversation. You will not break me. It is the name of the game in life.

If you are going to take me out on one platform, why not all platforms? What makes me valuable on one SM channel, but not the other? Is purely ridiculous even a term? Speak up, be grown, be strong, and share the axe you are looking to grind. I am curious and feel that I am valid enough to be owed an explanation. A one-line snide remark just isn’t deep enough for me. It is too vague and unfortunately, I am not a mind-reader or a psychologist.

I do not know what negative feelings you are harboring towards me, but let it go, It is not really healthy. It is petty and catty. You have just instilled your place and that place is: no longer in my life. You must need to work through some issues.

Thanks for making my life easier as I am managing a fleet of lost souls. I have my own and continue to refine it, accept it, and love it.

I hope one day you can reach that level.

Peace, love, unity, and harmony for you in your journey.

Privy to Privacy

I am executing a different social media strategy. Entertaining all of these gentlemen callers who have no interest in my work is wasting my time. Blowing me up on all platforms. If you do not have legitimate and valuable work for me, buy my books.

Interested in what I have to say? Talk comes cheap. Read my blog on this website and buy my book for the other blog. I am not basic. I do not believe in mediocrity, only excellence. You are preventing me from my goals.

Like what you see, watch me on YouTube. I can only take clients who have the do-re-mi. I do not need to be followed-up on by someone I do not work for or know.

I will be disconnecting as I have a client who pays me to write blogs and want to produce the best content I can. I do not want to be told I am missed by someone I don’t even know. Get a pet.

Strategizing Setback

I changed my Facebook link to my page because the amount of random friend requests was over-bearing. 90% of the content on my Facebook is public. I have switched my mindset to, “if I do not know you, I do not add you.” That is the one platform I can share things with friends only.

Also, does Twitter have any account moderation in fake accounts and SPAM? I made a YouTube video last night discussing social media and my reasonings for utilizing it. I am not achieving my goals with social media. If you have ten minutes, visit my channel and watch the video posted on 11/2/18.

I am going to begin doing podcasts so people can hear my voice and not see my face. The trick to that will be trying to do them without the dogs barking.