Starving Artist

Selling Successes

  1. Hot delivery drivers. I may now ship all Fedex and schedule pickups.

  2. Who needs a business card when you can just say, “Google me?

  3. Product descriptions, beautiful pictures, and packages if they are not a cheapskate.

  4. International sales! Made my first one this week! I love Europe.

  5. Great friendships are made in and outside my demographic.

Today, I was rejected for something big. It is on my YouTube because I am moving on and can state what it was for.

I am going to be dancing to old Madonna in the kitchen in my veil-Facebook public post since my referral traffic has increased, I engaged. “Let your body move to the music.”

Have a good weekend.

What I'm Working On

Professional or personal designs for clients including graphics, merchandise, resumes, and cover letters to name a few. I can also hijack your LinkedIn profile and make you stand out. I was hand-picked to be part of LinkedIn’s pilot group for Events.

I probably will bow out of that gracefully. I am a non-conformist, and there’s a waiting list. I will let someone else feel special. It is just like a Facebook Event-too basic for this b*tch. Give me branding materials and let’s go big or I’ll stay home. The name and brand of the company are needed because it would add more street-cred and give me legitimacy.

I do not have enough clout (yet). People are terrified to interact with me because I’m the “crazy creative.” I also have realized I am scary smart, a serious SEO strategist, a bad a** brander and can release books in record time.

I am always learning and was a leader in Corporate America. Who would have thought?

The next event I throw will be my 40th Birthday party on 7.27.19 which will be just as epic as my 30th. I know how to throw a party, that’s for sure.

I can print things on any of these items and you could too by using these amazing companies:

Printful or Canva

Prices for posters are up on my eBay store. Click for Photo Posters or for Matte Posters. I will charge less, and that includes my time. It is $5 to ship. I can’t help that, but I will give you a great deal. I have this site set up for e-commerce through very secure platforms and accept different payments through third-party legitimate, private sources. Did you know that setting up an e-commerce website is pretty difficult? I have an EIN, but it is easier to design if you to tell me what you want instead of me designing random things.

Also working on:

Three books of poetry due out by the end of 2018:

From Melancholic to Hyperbolic

From Melancholic to Dramatic

From Melancholic to Diminished

When asked by a reader regarding the Memoirs, “what would possess you to write a book like that?”

I replied, “you’ll see in the next one.” Yes, I was possessed by a demonic human being, so my next book of Memoirs is titled:

Melissa’s Manic Memoirs: The Road to Ron

The cover is done, and the book is written in a rough draft as I figure out what direction or “road to take.

I also have plans for two more Melancholic Books at least, and my entire life will be written into Memoirs. I want to do books of my blog posts and begin doing podcasts. I need music and am not a musician, so I have to figure something out with that.

Have a great weekend!

Words as a Weapon

You lack common sense.”

You won’t have to kill yourself, some pervert will do it for you.”

I hope this lights a fire under your ass, so you get off of it, and get a job.'“

Nothing good comes out of the hood, catch my drift?”

I’ve wasted enough time.”

I hope you do something with your life.”

Just some snippets told to me today. I was told I was annoying over the weekend. I am not responding. Why waste my words?

I choose silence.

Dogs with Disabilities

To put a cherry on the top of my epic disaster known as last night, I went to bed around 9:00 pm. My dog is disabled. Born in Hurricane Irene, she was unexpected and the only puppy. She has horrible anxiety and seizures. She is on medication and I have to pin her up against me to feel anything alarming when she sleeps at night.

At 2:30 am, she had a mild seizure despite not having one since April when she was placed in the ICU overnight. She is 8 years and 3 months old. When she survived near death in April, I saw her strength and, call it strange, she inspires me to fight. She is a warrior.

Her behaviors have changed since then. She is more dominant, loyal, loving, funny, and a space cadet from her medication. Everything is fine, but I jolted awake in a panic. The same panic I felt in April when she was near death.

I am all about losing everything, being rejected, screwed over, ignored….you name it. My dog is NOT an option for me to lose.

Giving, not Getting

Having an antiquated education made me ineligible for positions, as did my anxiety and depression. I had worked 22 years straight and paid a huge chunk of taxes.

In 2018, I suffered several life changing events that would impact one’s mental health. I applied for benefits because after 800 job events logged (globally), I could not find a position. I was rejected, a theme in my life, which I have come to love, due to being educated.


I now see my 1st Amendment rights being scaled back and am always up for a challenge. Every setback and struggle are ingredients in success. I embrace every one of them and become more driven and determined.

Success is a strategy and it is your own responsibility. When people are not sorry to see you struggle, stay grateful because they only make you stronger.

Customized Customization

Christmas is approaching. I am going to be designing things (shirts, mugs, sweatshirts) and am working on what I can offer. I am doing customized orders only because I got the legal rundown from Canva and would never infringe on them. Until I make money, I cannot mass produce anything because I have to purchase extended licensing and unlimited agreements. I am trying to survive and empty out the house as I have to sell it.

They offer printing options and free month trials.

I am saying if you do not have time to sign up and design, I can help. I can design Christmas cards, they will print, and ship them to your house. That is, if you have no energy and want to set yourself apart. You also get these cute Canva bags and shipping is fast and free. They are a great company.

No company wants to hire me so I can offer up my brain much cheaper than the capitalists out there. No literary agency or publisher wants to sign me, I will write two more books and do all this on my own again.

Identity is the big thing in 2018. Do you want a tee shirt from a corporation that gives you no choice on the design or do you want to wear something more meaningful? Instead of Old Navy RWB shirts, be original. Be you.

I am just trying to survive out here and every set back only makes this savage stronger.