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Similar Situations

There are "headless users" out there on the world wide web. The virtual reality I now surround myself in.  

It is strange because I think there are more "headless users" out there in the real world.  

In these similar situations, you can seek safety in others.  

The only thing that is different here is that:  here, you are in all time zones at once.  

All about adaptability.  


Replace your self-doubt with self-belief and you will see evidence.  

For me, I had the belief and I implemented it. I had the inspiration. I had the determination.

I did it.

72 hours:  2,024 views.  

Thank you to everyone. Imagine what I can do with a great company or organization behind me.  This was just me and my "six degrees of separation." 11 countries and 35 states all in 72 hours. I have had so many people reach out, I have made many new connections, and I have had my visibility increased.

I have had one naysayer tell me that I will never get interviewed again. I smiled because I have been on several interviews and I would rather risk my reputation than an entire organization's.  There are many employees affected. Their livelihood and happiness matter more than my reputation. I only drew attention to one company. A troubled one. This was a call to action. I wish them well.  

Making it Happen

I would love to stay up all night and watch web and social media analytics, but I will go to bed today sleeping peacefully knowing that I impacted people. The messages, texts, calls, and emails have been tremendous so I took it to the 2nd level.  

Having employees reach out to me was the most meaningful aspect. I can only hope they get a true leader and more than a 20 cent/hour raise especially with those nice tax breaks corporations seem to forget they received.  

One week, 900 hits. Global impact. We are only scratching the surface.  

Tomorrow, I was going to post about one of my favorite companies and how their leadership truly has made me their biggest fan.  

It is drafted and probably should be published in a calm before a storm.  


If you are not happy with your career, change it! Dreams do come true and I will be your evidence.  

why I write

I write for: Inspiration, Impact, Intent, and Importance.

In 6 days, I have done all four and I am so proud of everyone for giving me a chance, taking a look, reading, and for the positive feedback! I cannot thank you all enough! I also am proud of myself for having the strength to finally show my writing to the world and not have it hide in the attic.

In researching my analytics, I find it very powerful and having a global impact is more than I could have ever imagined! This has been the best investment because giving what I can to society is truly fulfilling.

I am pretty impressed that I only have 19 more states to reach and I have been read in 9 countries. 2 hours ago, I had 709 views in 144 hours, which equals to approximately 118 hits/day.

On LinkedIn, my article from 5/21/18 has had 360 readers only being up for 36 hours. That is 10 readers/hour. My LinkedIn viewers have increased 360% over one week.  

You can direct your dreams, promote your purpose, and be heard! Never tuck away your natural talents, accentuate them!



I am so thankful for the traffic and those who are visiting the site.  

It is simple and to the point. I always have a lot to say and will never be stagnant.

I am a visionary. I think outside the box. I push the envelope. I take the risks. I am an independent, maybe borderline non-conformist. Think big or don't think at all.

I am grateful that I decided to not hide behind a pseudonym from this point on and create my own website.

As Kurt Cobain said these 2 quotes, they resonate with me today.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not."