Comfort and Content

Mediocrity. How many people are comfortable with it? How many people become content in it? It is humorous to me how sometimes we know people better than they know themselves. I KNOW. I’VE KNOWN. Those words are resonating with me because someone once knew me better than I knew myself. I can repeat that back to them now. I suppose it is intuition.

Do people out there exist to have deep conversations with? Ever since I was young, I felt that I lacked that in life. I have a lot on my mind these days.

I have been having a strong week with one rejection a day. I am working on a book of poetry, which I am almost done with. I then am going on my own into the 2nd book of Memoirs. I have a YouTube channel where I probably bore people to tears.

It is just me yammering on. If you watch the videos, you will get an idea on why I have been quiet. I actually have been using the personal website for blogging. I shouldn’t care though because no matter what, no one will hire me. Haha.