Controversial Causes

Perhaps this is a different view. I am a firm believer in the Constitution. I cannot imagine living without my 1st amendment rights. I released a controversial book on a subject I need to draw global attention to. I have. I am now cognizant of the different time zones. I stood up for myself and never deviated from my beliefs. I have had my intellectual property stolen, have seen companies attempt to capitalize on my artistic work, have had countless rejections, and have been introduced to the underbelly of the internet. 

All through this, I did not deviate from my beliefs. I stood up for myself. I copyrighted myself. I raised a ruckus and fought retailers from selling my book for a higher price. I had people tell me it would not sell and that is why they raised the price. The sales go back and forth. For someone new, I am doing decent. It is being read. Even if they read it for free, I gain. The rejections make me work harder. The dark side of the internet has taught me how to fight for myself physically and virtually. I am a human, not an object.

With all of this Nike controversy, I can relate to the message. I am not political. I don't even wear athletic wear. I don't have TV so do not follow the NFL. I support the military. The message speaks to me differently than most. To me, it resonates so well. You have to stand up for yourself because no one else will and go after your dreams! You have to believe in yourself. When you stand up for yourself, you get a lot of blowback. Trust me, I know. It is sending a message to every human being out there. No matter your race, disability, age, sex, or religion, you can just do it

If you believe in something, stand up for it. Never stop believing in yourself and never give up. Keep fighting for yourself and your beliefs. What you think of yourself is the most important thing. If you accept yourself and love yourself, you can live with your decisions. You can stand strong in your beliefs. 

This ad was a game changer. Controversy captures attention. Attention is free publicity. Good or bad, people will disagree with no matter what you do. I believe in myself. I decided to go after my dreams. A brand and a person that I do not identify with, by any means, got me good. I got the message loud and clear. I now identify with the message and what creative cannot admire that. Brilliant use of the 1st amendment and thank you for affirming that I design my dreams.