Customized Customization

Christmas is approaching. I am going to be designing things (shirts, mugs, sweatshirts) and am working on what I can offer. I am doing customized orders only because I got the legal rundown from Canva and would never infringe on them. Until I make money, I cannot mass produce anything because I have to purchase extended licensing and unlimited agreements. I am trying to survive and empty out the house as I have to sell it.

They offer printing options and free month trials.

I am saying if you do not have time to sign up and design, I can help. I can design Christmas cards, they will print, and ship them to your house. That is, if you have no energy and want to set yourself apart. You also get these cute Canva bags and shipping is fast and free. They are a great company.

No company wants to hire me so I can offer up my brain much cheaper than the capitalists out there. No literary agency or publisher wants to sign me, I will write two more books and do all this on my own again.

Identity is the big thing in 2018. Do you want a tee shirt from a corporation that gives you no choice on the design or do you want to wear something more meaningful? Instead of Old Navy RWB shirts, be original. Be you.

I am just trying to survive out here and every set back only makes this savage stronger.