CVS Cares

Patience with Patients

Anytime someone has a prescription, people are patients rather than customers. I wanted to recognize CVS Pharmacy today, as going above and beyond. Whoever thought of their tagline truly captures their Extra Care.  

Due to an act of nature, my prescription was not accessible. A tornado tore through and closed the CVS in Target. I called CVS' Customer Service phone number and they recognized me more so, as a patient, rather than a customer. They then put me in touch with Tess, a Pharmacy District Supervisor, who tirelessly, and thoughtfully, helped me today.  

On and off, it was an all-day ordeal for my anti-anxiety medication, and you know what? During the whole day, I did not feel anxious about it. I trust this company. They just now took my loyalty to a whole new level.  

I cannot thank Tess enough. The company's level of care and compassion, has been, undoubtedly, one of the best customer service experiences I've had. CVS is very fortunate to have a true leader whom takes action and treats customers with respect and Extra Care.