Daily Decision

I had this website once broken into blog categories, and the one that was read the most was the raw and real content: Total Transparency. I kept getting rejected for positions because conservative-minded folks were coming on the site and shrouding themselves in judgment.

I became poised and polished acting more professional. As I played the part, I even stopped cursing-still nothing.

I am NOT a yes (wo)MAN and never will be. I will continue to push the envelope and continue to give myself paper cuts. I am not giving up by any means. I am not a corporate croney and do not want to be stifled for the remainder of my life. I cannot put on an act. No one knows how much I have been doing, how hard I have been working, and all the behind-the-scenes shit I am up to.

Bookmark this page if you want the real me. I will give credit when its due and will call people and companies out on their shit. I am done being someone who I am not. It drains me.

I keep stating if something does not yield results, I do not exert energy into it. Notice social media truancy? I constantly pivot strategies as I observe behaviors. I always have a Plan A, B, C, and D. I will be moving tabs around because some of this content on my site even bores me. I had written 7 books in 6 months. Notice how only 3 are published? That is because Scamazon WILL NOT GET ANY MORE OF MY CONTENT.

Until then, I am just going to be out here in the wilderness known as the Internet. I leave you with this. I designed it, but who am I?