Deleted not Dead

Am I supposed to be butt hurt when I get deleted on Social Media? Not hurt, however, curious as to why a hair across someone’s a** has them zero me out. Be an adult, have a conversation. You will not break me. It is the name of the game in life.

If you are going to take me out on one platform, why not all platforms? What makes me valuable on one SM channel, but not the other? Is purely ridiculous even a term? Speak up, be grown, be strong, and share the axe you are looking to grind. I am curious and feel that I am valid enough to be owed an explanation. A one-line snide remark just isn’t deep enough for me. It is too vague and unfortunately, I am not a mind-reader or a psychologist.

I do not know what negative feelings you are harboring towards me, but let it go, It is not really healthy. It is petty and catty. You have just instilled your place and that place is: no longer in my life. You must need to work through some issues.

Thanks for making my life easier as I am managing a fleet of lost souls. I have my own and continue to refine it, accept it, and love it.

I hope one day you can reach that level.

Peace, love, unity, and harmony for you in your journey.