Distrust Doesn't Die

Do I have trust issues? Absolutely.

I sometimes let my guard down after being courted and enchanted by some companies, and even some individuals.

I believed I had found some companies that actually cared about their customers and possessed a corporate social responsibility.

What do you do then or what actions do I take in that case? Well, I become a loyal customer, speak highly of them, and do not let anyone’s opinion influence my own. I become a champion for their company and will shamelessly promote them with nothing on my agenda.

What happens with the trust is shattered and something beyond human comprehension is done to you? You lose faith in the company and in humanity. Cyber safety matters, but not personal safety. I was lied to. I question the ethics of the company now. I question their employees’ integrity. I question if management even cares that one meaningless woman has been pawned as if I was a chess piece. I feel as a piece of me has broken because they exposed me for their personal gain. My first amendment rights were taken away and I was virtually violated, yet again.

What do you do next? I will let you know when I discover the answer. I have been physically sick and hysterical that jeopardizing me gains what? I have nothing. My goals have no been set back as I was lied to and manipulated. I am now frozen. I am speechless. I am so disheartened and disenchanted.

How Did This Happen? I would love to know myself. I research and investigate every scenario before I make a strategic decision. I guess I actually place trust in the last place I should have. I am numb.