Emotionally inEpt

Emotions are a feeling, for example, when someone's actions or words cause you pain

A judgment is a view you hold. Emotions can cloud judgment. A judgment is based on your morals and your belief system. I am an advocate of honesty, clear communication, and respect. It is acceptable to reject someone respectfully. That will cause them maybe some harm, but it won't have them judge you in a poor fashion. When you step up to the plate and portray honesty, you avoid hurting someone's feelings. When you're dishonest and closed off, you create your own judgment of how others view you.

You are your own judge and jury. Yet people will judge you and they have every right to if your actions do not align with your verbiage.

That is the way I define my metrics when holding an opinion of someone. I would rather look hopeless and honest than be covered in cowardice.