Good and Gone

No good deed goes unpunished.”

So they tell me. The other night, I put on my YouTube channel a video discussing a gentleman wanting an item I was selling on eBay. He was polite and asked a lot of questions. I ended the auction early so he could win the item, thinking it was a kind gesture.

It was used once and in near perfect condition. Well, suddenly he receives it and there is a large tear. I should have known he would have tried to pull something because he kept asking about shipping and if it would get damaged. I don’t sell junk and know how to package items.

Then last night, he starts blowing my inbox up saying there is a tear and it will cost $30 to repair and wanted to work something out. I told him to just return it. After he continued to go back and forth with me asking to resolve it. I stated again to return it.

He then retracted and stated that he would get it fixed because he knows I helped him and he got a good deal on it. He said I was nice and didn’t need the problem. Mind you, this thing has not been touched in ten years and suddenly has a tear? He said I did not inform him of it. How can I inform him of it if it didn’t have a tear when I sent it out?

I then went to bed. I wake up this morning and again he has blown up my inbox at 11:15 pm last night. He told me that the company who was going to repair it could not repair it. I didn’t know companies to repair such a thing were open that late. He then sent another message asking what we should do. Then another one asking for a return.

Aggravated, I replied that I told him to return it in the first place and for him to just return it so he can leave me alone because he was driving me nuts. You do something nice for someone and they have buyer’s remorse. First he complained that I didn’t have the original packaging, then he complained about how I would ship it, then it was the “tear”, then repairing it, then working out a deal, then he would keep it, then they couldn’t repair it, and now he wanted a return.

Wow. Just thinking about this gentleman exhausts me. If he is married, I feel sorry for his wife. He probably takes an hour to decide which cereal to buy. People like this are so ungrateful and love causing disruption in others’ lives. I am just trying to empty out my house so I can move. Good deeds get punished with BS.