It's Not Me, It's Them

Due to a lack of corporate social responsibility, I have to unfortunately only offer paperback books through LIMITED distribution because of Swindle Direct Publishing, also know as KDP or as I refer to them Killing Data Privately. This branch of Scamazon has made me physically ill for four days straight now because of their Enron-like business tactics.

I have discovered they are not a proactive company and are only reactive if you heckle them relentlessly. Acting like they are omnipotent, if they continue to run their company as business as usual, the empire will slowly collapse, like a house of cards.

My books are available on their website and on this site. This website is fully integrated for e-commerce and is secure. Yet, my audience resembles a silent film with zero engagement, so I run shops on other platforms because I am trying to survive.

When a company steals $15 from you in one week by skimming royalties, you see that all of your hard work, dedication, drive, determination, and energy means nothing when greed is in the driver’s seat.

I have attempted to email agents, and they do not even possess the respect to respond with a rejection. I know my books are good despite readers (from my first layer of networking) opting to not review, it drives the whole Charlie Chaplin Concept home. I have to continue to write to engage the audience as it expands. Sorry, I am a little ornery, but this Scamazon thing has had me lose my faith in mankind.

To my new readers, thank you! I also thank Scamazon because my traffic is lit!

For the week, users (new) and sessions have increased 485.5-487.5%

My RSS has increased by 60%.

Thank you to all. Don’t forget I do YouTube videos too to discuss my life, which honestly is stranger than fiction.

With that being said, I am off to engage today with my grandparents who do not even own a mobile phone and who received probably their first online order yesterday that I ordered because it is easier to type and hit add to cart than to go around store to store.