Judge and Jury

No matter who you are, where you are in your life, and what kind of mood you are in; be kind to everyone. 

Reply to a text even if you don't want to. Respond to a message or email at some point rather than ignore it. If they call and you don't answer, you don't have to. If they leave a voice mail, at least acknowledge them in some manner. Have respect even if it's a one word text.

Some people are heavy, trust me I know. Sometimes you need space, I know that too. We have our own weight to carry and cannot carry others. At least, acknowledge them and be kind. 

If you don't, I want you to keep something in mind. You will one day be your own judge and jury. That is something that I hope you are not alone for. Most people go through these events when they are in an accident, facing a grave illness, or lying on their death bed. That is too late. Practice kindness and gratitude each day. 

It is something that you can do alone, but you need to be strong. Are you strong enough? If you are alone when you become your judge and jury, I hope you are strong enough for it.