Good Enough For Me

My BBB article is still being read. 2,709 views from my LinkedIn alone. LinkedIn didn't hire me or even get to know me. All that matters is I set my own personal goals and shattered them.  

Some kid can have the job and think they are prestigious. I believe in the company, the leader, and all the good it does in the world. I was going after the company, not the title.  

The good news is that every rejection is not a setback. With every rejection, I rise. My career coach sent me a link for HARO. I had no idea what it was and they actually had to tell me what to do. My first day on it, a gentleman in the U.K. shared information I provided and linked my page and my words to an article he had written. 

The article was books on mental toughness. How symbolic because I am tough and this will strengthen my presence in the U.K. It is, after all, the 2nd country after the United States that reads my blog.  

A company may not believe in taking a risk on me and that is fine. I believe in myself and would like a company behind me to have a great, positive impact. Fortunately, my career coach is behind me and what I thought was a setback, was strength. She opened me to a new world of minds collaborating together. It has been a very positive experience!

If you need a career coach due to being in career transition or if you don't know "what you want to be when you grow up", I recommend getting one.  I consider myself very resourceful, but my coach has opened me up to so much more that I couldn't see on my own.