Killing the Kindness

I try to be a good person and do things for people to help them with nothing asked for in return. For maybe five months, I have allowed my neighbor to park in the driveway with no charge. Just to be nice.

I went out to shovel today and fell. My arm, knee, and left side of my face is in pain right now. I am okay, but then shoveled so my mailman can pick up packages going out today.

I look in my driveway thinking that the man would shovel some of my driveway. Oh no, he just drove over it. My driveway has been getting a lot of wear and tear from him going in and out of it. I thought the least he would do would be to shovel a portion of the driveway.

No, I will do it. Just like everything else because kindness is a foreign trait to many individuals. Society is truly sad. I am going to take Aleve and go shovel my driveway. I am feeling a little angry because this physically hurts. Maybe I will back my car up and block the driveway. My other neighbors would always help me, but they possess human decency.