Livid from Lies

My favorite singer has a tattoo that says, “trust no one” on her hand. Why is INTEGRITY the hardest thing to come by?

I now know why the word gut-wrenching exists.

I am in NO MOOD and am not taking any interactions.


  1. Is New York City a city in the United States?

  2. Do the freaks come out at night?

  3. Do I have kids or write anything children-worthy?

  4. Wait, I am a writer, right? I don’t think I am.

  5. When I get angry, should you run and hide?

  6. I only write and speak in English, right? I learned Spanish too late in life. It didn’t stick.

  7. Do I curse?

  8. Am I a very detailed and meticulous person who is very specific and into perfection?