Manic Monday

Okay! This will be easy. I am starting the second book. Well changing it. It is pretty much done, but I am going to change it because I want to focus on answering your questions. I know I didn't touch on what I went through as I wrote the book as in depth as you had wanted me to. I will address that too. If I did address what I went through, the book would not have been released. It was excruciating. I feel so much better. 

I have one more step I need to take to finalize and decide the direction I am going in. It is a business decision that I have a face-to-face meeting scheduled for. I may speed up one part because as I look back and see the lack of significance, I can't infuse any passion into it because that feeling has passed. It is awesome to feel no oomph, but it will affect the direction of the book. 

You have to follow my journey on how I got to the now. It turns out that history does repeat itself in certain aspects. I will give you the answers you are looking for because now we go from 2002-2003 to 2017-2018. You have to go on a journey with me which was another life lesson. This is perfect because I am ready to release. I have to change a lot of it now that I think about it. 

The ultimate satisfaction of this whole journey is knowing that in 2002, I was the worst version of myself and did it to myself. Now I see, in 2018, that it wasn't me. It wasn't that I wasn't enough. It was that they weren't enough for themselves and I didn't get in the way. They got in their own way. I was the best version I could be at the time and watch out world, I only will get better. We will see who is worthy!

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Truly Tragic

That people have to pretend to be perfect.

Ideal is not real.