Needing and Neglecting

Females, isn’t it true that we all know someone who we exist to when their significant other is neglecting them? Suddenly they find themselves needing us when things go south, they hit a rough patch, or have separation anxiety from their man?

As a reliable friend, we take our time to be there for them. Then, poof, they vanish. No contact. Why is that? Oh, that’s right. They just made their man the center of the world again, and we no longer exist. Don’t worry though, they will resurface when they get all butt hurt over an argument they have in their unhealthy relationship.

Sure enough, that damn vicious cycle repeats and woo-la, there we are again, the focal point and feeding ground of their desperate need for attention. They cannot be alone. They do not know how to be alone. They will seek solace in someone, anyone.

Expecting us to feel pity and sorrow for them and coddle them in their chaotic and crazy cycle. They are masochists, and they date sadists. We can tell them over and over again that they continue to make poor decisions. They agree with us, but keep up their bad behaviors, poor efforts for attention, and ditch us on a dime when their love resurfaces.

If you find yourself needing me when you are lonely and can’t stand on your own two feet, I will be there. Yet, when you begin this repeated cycle of neglecting me because you would rather waste all of your energy on a man who clearly doesn’t care, I have to step away.

I am the lone wolf. I do not need anyone, yet I have a problem neglecting someone because you never know what they need. When I see a vicious cycle and repeated patterns of behavior, I have to bounce. Learn to love yourself and embrace your flaws and craziness. I can’t teach you how to, that is a journey you must take on your own.