Copy of Noticeably Noticed

Silence Strikes Again

Some accomplishments of mine in one day:

  1. Scamazon was on my website for 3:02 (hours, not minutes). Waiting for an executive to reach out and REACT.

  2. My audience is expanding globally and organically. This means my book sales will spike, but not like Scamazon will pay me for it. If interested, please purchase from my website under the Books tab. Most of my purchases have been legitimate. They made a fatal error though on my last order. I have written seven books in less than six months. That is a lot of hard work to see my earnings stolen from me and to hold a blatant disregard to me who makes them money as an author and a customer who has to buy things from there because they have the market cornered.

  3. My largest performing platform is LinkedIn. As I near 700 connections (after deleting 100 over the past few months), I will only continue to connect. LinkedIn is a professional website, so they are interested in content regarding poor corporate citizenship.

  4. I have learned when it is deemed fit, Amazon Digital Services sometimes serves as not only an Expanded Distributor of their own company, but also moonlights as DBA Amazon. This is a tactic to skim royalties by stating they are an expanded distributor of their own company.

  5. Web traffic was up 800% last month before my big reveal. I should have had some pomp and circumstance, put on a circus act, and a show as to my big reveal, similar to their tactics revealing their HQ2. As they dazzled the country with deception, they lost sight of the business. NYC-keep fighting the good fight. The heart and souls are in the boroughs that are not Manhattan. NYC you got this. No one steals your souls and fight for your beliefs. You have an army, I have just myself. I support you wholeheartedly. Web traffic in just three days from my big reveal has increased 123%. Also, I believe it has had 389 visitors and people are on here now.

  6. My RSS has tripled in the course of 3 days. Thank you everyone and the thing that I have always been the most proud of is I have a 0% bounce rate like always.

  7. I will be awaiting a call from an executive. Not a supervisor. Supervisors are not sufficient for me. I want a big fish. Someone high on the food chain. I want an agent of change, I want solutions, I want honesty and integrity. When did corruption become cool?

  8. Keep checking back. We are only beginning. I have set up an official office and am ready.

  9. I have been like a patient cat and I finally caught the mouse. Successful preying is strategy, patience, and silence. No pomp and circumstance.

  10. The FTC needs to move on this. I am the most impatient person and will do this on my own.