Privy to Privacy

I am executing a different social media strategy. Entertaining all of these gentlemen callers who have no interest in my work is wasting my time. Blowing me up on all platforms. If you do not have legitimate and valuable work for me, buy my books.

Interested in what I have to say? Talk comes cheap. Read my blog on this website and buy my book for the other blog. I am not basic. I do not believe in mediocrity, only excellence. You are preventing me from my goals.

Like what you see, watch me on YouTube. I can only take clients who have the do-re-mi. I do not need to be followed-up on by someone I do not work for or know.

I will be disconnecting as I have a client who pays me to write blogs and want to produce the best content I can. I do not want to be told I am missed by someone I don’t even know. Get a pet.