Protecting the Peak

Regarding Scamazon, I am drawing global attention after I filter out the VPNs. I am not the only one who has noticed or experienced this. One branch of the government informed me to hire an attorney. How do you hire a lawyer when no one wants to take a case against this company?

A Christmas wish of mine is for Walmart to open a self-publishing piece to their business. Do you know that they make more money than Scamazon? That is because they are run with morals, values, and have never deviated from their mission statement.

Scamazon just gobbles companies up like PacMan with no strategy or plan in place. Hence, the CreateSpace disaster.

With that being said, I have three books 95% complete and one book 50% complete. They will not be getting published because I oftentimes have regrets releasing the books. I regret informing the world that I write. I much prefer keeping secrets. I still have several up my sleeve, but I can’t promise anything will be revealed.

Also I have this dilemma-What does one do when they want to ask a question to their audience, but their audience is silent?

In another important area of my life, I have seen a decrease in suspicious internet activity. I wonder if anyone has figured out what or who it is to help me solve the puzzle, but what’s the point?

I have cut back on social media majorly and will continue to do so. With my YouTube videos, it solely involves me talking to myself.

I have to write a list of accomplishments for this year despite it being THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE. I need to see something to make me feel less bitchy.