Put it in the Past

I deleted 300 pictures from my phone and am going to continue deleting because I am not sure why I held onto so many pictures. The past is the past and I have no place for it. I have the journals that will be made into books so there is no need for pictures. Pictures are nice to have to go down memory lane, but I will get those printed and place them in a box.

I honestly do not want to reflect upon many of these places, peoples, or situations. I am keeping pictures of my dogs and great trips I had. I am going to be managing my time better as I cut social media usage since it draws me less than 1% of traffic.

All of the platforms, work, and time are not yielding results. For some, social media works. For me, I only see success on LinkedIn and that is after deleting and blocking many of my previous connections.

I have plenty to do and am grateful for all I have and all I lost because through it all, I connected with myself. I can finally be who I am. I got everything out I needed to get out. Do I live a perfect life? My goodness, no! I am better than I was, but now truly know who I am and what and who I want in my life.