Put off by Poshmark

If you are thinking about online selling, do not use Poshmark. Think of it as this: high school all over again where catty bitches strive for friends and popularity. In this case, it is “followers.” It is all about the number of followers.

Then buyers want something for nothing and when you give them a good deal on it, there is a 30% fee that they charge you. I made 55 cents on a shirt I paid $36 for. Then the buyer wasn’t fully satisfied.

I cannot find a job and made 55 cents. You are going to piss and moan that something isn’t to your gold standards when you are the one purchasing used clothing for $4? You probably only wanted to resell it. The buyers are not my demographic, the platform is the worst, and the people on there are really ignorant.

People lack total decency and prefer to complain rather than see good in anything. That is why I am only focusing on things that perform well for me. Poshmark and Social Media-you’re out!