Real Rejection

Today, someone went out of their way to reject me and I am honestly flattered. Apparently, I had something on LinkedIn I had written months ago. I just made my resume more professional. Obviously, the book is not paying my bills and neither is this online selling. Even though I rock at both. I updated my resume and it is not in black and white because that is too sterile.

With the New Year, here are some of my accomplishments in six months. I cannot list them all because now is not the right time.

I need to look at this to know everything I do is not in vane.

  • In four months, became Google Verified

  • Wrote, edited, formatted, designed, and published three books in approximately five months

  • Wrote 7 books in total but cannot publish the rest with a deceptive company. Only paperbacks are offered

  • E-commerce Integration, Marketing, and Targeting

  • Got the attention of some highly prolific companies

  • My audience growth is organic and unpaid

  • Reached 54 countries in six months with site

  • In six months, became an eBay top-rated seller-I even have that gold badge. I am not accepting returns so I hit my peak and will not make it to the plus level.

  • In one week on Mercari, had over 30 sales-all five-star ratings

  • Product descriptions really do sell things and I am detailed with humor