Remaining Relevant

I have said this before I even wrote books, but Walmart will beat Scamazon in the end. They do not deviate from their values, their employees are much more engaged and caring, and they can handle innovation, acquisitions, and trends more seamlessly than the Scam can.

They need to dump, but they keep them because they are protecting them from the big, bad Scam. Walmart also is honest.

They have Ebooks now. They need to start a publishing side where authors can have paperbacks and publish them to get honest data.

If I had an investor, I would open my own publishing company and definitely take KDP out. True creatives know all the hidden ones who are afraid to write because they see the BS I go through. I spend more time babysitting a global corporation than I do anything else it seems.

When I babysat when I was younger, I made $20 each time. It is more than I am making on five books. Haha.