Risk versus Reward

I received feedback regarding the book stating, "man, I really hope the reward outweighs the risk." This meant that by shedding and revealing everything people shouldn't talk about, no one will ever hire me in any capacity.

There is no money in self-publishing. I wrote this book because I had a story to tell and wanted to show I wasn't who anyone (including myself) thought I was. I wanted to help people understand that it is okay to have certain thoughts and feelings. I wanted people to be true to themselves. I wanted to inspire people that they don't have to put on an act and there is no prescribed or predefined way to live your life. I wanted to show people to not judge and to be kind because you honestly do not know what someone is going through. 

Yesterday, the rewards paid dividends. Not in royalties or sales numbers. Although, I am proud of the sales, but because the word is spreading fast. Yesterday, my reward was connecting with people. It turned into a thread on Facebook where there was unity, support, and positivity. There was no judgment. I did enough judging so nothing will phase me. It was just an enriching experience.

I heard from someone on Reddit stating that I am very brave and that I should not be ashamed. This book has the potential to be something substantial. Again, money is not the motive. The motive is motivation and inspiration. I said, if I could help one person, I did my job. I think I helped a few and I helped relationships be stronger and built with bricks instead of throwing bricks at one another. That makes every bit of the suffering I went through to write the book worth it.