Sharing Secrets

Words for the Workforce

Did you think I would share personal and private information here? If you want that content, you have to do the work.

I have several clients for resumes. It is all about catching an eye. What we think the world is, has changed. That is where I come in. The hardest-working unemployed person in America. Officially unemployed, I am currently making it a profession until a company and I align. Once that happens, I will still do this on the side. I love it. It doesn’t take much time and I love helping people.

Here are some tips I have for those wanting to shake up their situation and step out to search for a position. I have sent them archived, locked content to catch up.

I hate lists in blogs, but it is easier this way. These are the smallest and some may say stupidest tips. They are critical, things have changed.

  1. APA Abandonment. Two spaces after a period is past us. Practice and master one space. People notice the small stuff such as extra space.

  2. Take a personality assessment for free so you know what direction to drive in.

  3. Basic is BORING. It is 2018. We use color and computers. We do not live in a black and white world. By designing your resume, you can design your dreams. Monochromatic is not modern.

  4. LinkedIn is life, for now. With 560 million professionals, you need a profile. Some profiles are fake, but yours will be real. I love doing TAKEOVERS! Instead of us going back and forth, I revise or create, setting you apart. I always update mine and post and see weekly increases of 100%. This has resulted in 100% success rates for my clients.

  5. Do not over network. Quality over quantity. I have deleted 50 people that serve me no purpose professionally and certainly not personally. Ask for recommendations. It is something you have to actively ask for. Have no shame.

  6. Marketing is a subtle form of manipulation. We have to market you and need to do a bit of branding. We can digitally design your dream career path. I can slip resumes through the filtering systems. Then, they get this masterfully crafted work of art that is your resume?!?!?! The beautiful thing is no one will know it is me being a behind the scenes ninja.

  7. Capitalists and Opportunists run rampant. You will see all sorts of spam. Phone calls and emails. Put your number on the Do Not Call List as soon as you can. It takes 30 days to report any fraudulent calls if you are not registered. Most contact involves emails and texts. As a society, we do not talk anymore, we type.

  8. Do some work. It requires heavy lifting, it doesn’t just fall on your lap. If it does fall on someone’s lap, that is not a recipe for success. I do not care what anyone says. I can help if you are too busy, overwhelmed, confused, or if you do not feel confident.

  9. There has to be trust. Choose those who you trust to list as references.

  10. Sign up for notifications. Despite raised and annoying activity, you can get alerts when jobs are posted based on position and industry. Act fast. Keep a resume and cover letter in PDF format across all devices. You are connected to higher chances of career opportunities the sooner you apply.

These are some tips I am providing. If you need any assistance, ask me. I know what it is like to be out there on the world wide web with no one. Everything I have done, I have done on my own. No one will ever take that away from me. I keep learning, do not stop learning, and will work endlessly to help you.

I know my traffic is up 85% weekly and that is why I am writing this. 75% of traffic are new visitors. Thanks for reading.