I completely transitioned myself or rebranded myself. Actually, I just became myself. I stepped into this overwhelming world of the internet. I need to provide my perspective and some of my story because I had a lot to learn.

Finding myself unemployed and job searching, all I knew was MS Office, email, social media, and online shopping. I was encountering all of these terms and acronyms that I had no idea what they meant. I have a handle on it now, but these are just a few I saw when I decided to transition.

B2B, B2C, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Bitblock, CTR, CMS, CPC, CPM, CR, CRM, UX, LEAN, DMAIC, Six Sigma, and the ultimate thorn in my side:


What’s with the SEO obsession? Do people know how it really works?

Here is my story and my perspective on SEO because honestly, it has become an unhealthy obsession for many.

I found myself with a lot of free time and wanted to start a blog, but on a legitimate website to give me some weight. I then decided to start shedding my former career identity, layer by layer. I created this website. I was writing, getting published, and then had the BBBR article probably get over 10,000 views. This was before I understood analytics. By the way, I still had no idea what SEO meant.

I found myself teaching myself web design with Squarespace and graphic design with Canva because I couldn’t afford PS. I had a lot of weird stuff going on with my computer but kept going. Then it dawned on me one day, I was hacked. Keep in mind, I still had no idea what SEO was. I believed in myself and knew I could get attention with my fingertips. Messages from different countries had proven that. Then, I started looking at all of the website options and saw Analytics and SEO.

The hack had me looking at analytics, and I engrossed myself. Eventually, I learned quite a bit. I am intelligent. I played the virtual game and actually put myself in physical danger chasing this hacker. The behaviors became more aggressive and drove me to learn even more. Enter Google. For the record, SEO still did not matter to me. I wanted the analytics. In teaching myself this, I learned some secrets with what you can do with Google and G Suite.

As my website was inundated with Bots, I pleaded with SS, Google, Apple, and Amazon. No one could help me. I even contacted the FBI. Nothing. I kept digging and learning. Before the bots and knowing what SEO is, I had 65 RSS daily. Then my traffic was gone on July 7. I remember it because I was being victimized; I fixed it and shifted my focus away from analytics. It’s down to maybe 40 something last I checked, but I tailored it that way. I will not reveal my secrets and tricks because what I went through with no help, was the most daunting experience of my life. These powerful companies couldn’t help me, my friends thought I was schizophrenic, and it was just me with certainty and drive on the battlefield alone.

As I made my way through G Suite, I filled out my SEO finally! Two sentences people obsess over. Every business purpose is SEO. If that is all you are looking at, you will struggle. First, you need to have content people are drawn to. You have to cross-implement this self-made toolkit based on your wins and losses. You can have Google work for you for free. You can also pay or barter. These are tricks I learned the hard way. Two sentences do not get you to success. I actually change my SEO description every two weeks. If people want to find you, they will. If you focus too much on getting attention, you already lost it.