Standardized Sadness

I have a high IQ. I don't know the exact score, but I know I am intelligent. I graduated 12th in my class. A 3.8 GPA was a failure to me. One thing I could never do well with was standardized tests. I don't know why, but I always would score very low on them.

For example, when I had to take the SATs, I got a 920 out of a potential 1600. That was with studying, workshops, and reading books. I would get 4.0's in college though. I just can't do standardized tests. 

I applied for a position many months ago. I heard from them a month ago to fill out the paperwork. Yesterday, I finally had the honor to take the test. Needless to say, I didn't pass. I can't do standardized tests. It is a shame. Just because I don't ace a test does not mean I cannot learn how to do the work at hand. 

I never believed in standardized tests and I never will. I remember with the SATs, this girl as dumb as rocks scored higher than me. I tried so hard on the test yesterday too. It took me 3 hours It was honestly a great opportunity. I am grateful to have been considered and to get to the final step of the process. 

At least I have learned that in the total global population, only 5% can actually write a book. I fall into that 5%. I am going to work on my 5th edit. It's a quick read. Maybe because I read it 50 times.